Monthly Membership

Easy Dump

Upto 10 demands per month


7 Simple demands

3 Mid-level demands


10 Simple demands

Mid Level Terrain

Upto 15 demands per month


Any combination of Simple/Mid-level demands

1 Dynamite Demand

Dynamite Dump

Upto 20 demands per month


Any combination of 15 Simple/Mid-Level demands

5 Dynamite Demands


More than 20 demands per month


15 Simple demands

10 Mid-Level demands

6 Dynamite Demands

Partner With Us

Skip the stress with Demand Demolisher and don’t worry about writing demand letters again!

When you choose Demand Demolisher, you are not just hiring a fulfillment service, you are partnering with us as an investment to deliver the best services to your client. Before writing a demand, we inquire to understand all the details about the accident and create letters that clearly communicate them to the insurance company for the best compensation outcome every time.